ZME Tributes

Certain people and teams have done certain things over the years that deserve a little special attention. Here are some shoutouts to some powerhouses in the community.


You were a great role model in Mech3 and established the code of honor that I carry in game to this day. I don't know what you're up to now, but thank you for what you did in Mech3 and what you did for Mech4.


We had a lot of fun back in the MW3 days, and your attitude was always a plus to be around.


I haven't seen you in years, but fighting your lights in the BK days made me the pilot that I am today. If Mech had a Book of Legends, you'd be under the definition of Light Mech.

Zakynthos and Sephiroth Hunter

My founding ZME brothers, I hope the longevity of this place makes you proud.


Special recognition goes to SRM_TDrop for the dedication and effort he put into the game of mech and the spark of life he put back into ZME :) We may not have known each other for a long time, but in the time we played, we fought the best fights in the history of the game. We got to 1000 mechs bro, bask in the glory.


Best LM Sliding Kill EVER!


We played a few times and didn't really know one another, but I know you will be missed.


You brought me into DDM, dude, and you were the first pilot to register 1000 kills in a BZ cycle.


Skitty DFA on a yellow Daishi! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Awesome :P


We all know what we did in NHUA 2v2. ERPPC Locust, anyone?


You guys may still be upset that I'm gone, but this team will always be a big part of my life. Some of you have kept in touch, and there were a lot of good times and memories.


You've all welcomed me into this team with open arms and have revitalized my desire to play this game.

Posted on February 20th, 2013 by Wing McCallister