The M2W Tournament

Years ago, ZME had the pleasure of hosting a unique tournament event that combined team and individual play styles to crown the first (and only) M2W champion. Competitors were seeded into qualification rounds, in which they played in Team Battles on randomly selected maps. From the winning teams, the top 75% of players were selected to advance, while the top 25% of players from the losing team moved on-putting a weight on solid team cohesion.

As rounds continued, players were placed onto new teams given their respective rankings to balance the games. This format was used up until the final four players remained, at which point standard battle games were played to determine the winner: WAR_snapcase!

Amazingly, over a decade after this tournament took place, Wing found that he still had the video recordings. We've included the links below to give a little honor to this unique event.


Qualification Round
Fatal Fourteen
Elite Eight
Medal Round
Championship Round

Posted on February 20th, 2013 by Wing McCallister