The History of ZME

The world of MechWarrior and the entire mecha genre has always attracted my attention. Whether it was NetMech, Heavy Gear, or later iterations of MechWarrior, the games have always opened the door for intellectual minds seeking something special. In 1998, I logged on to the MSN Gaming Zone for the first time and found myself engulfed in a real time, evolving fiction that blew my mind. There were online legends. There was politics. And there were - most certainly - stories.

The ultimate pursuit of pilots in Mech3 was finding a holy grail configuration - a mech that was unbeatable in any condition and given any circumstance. There was plenty of lore surrounding such a mech config, particularly one created by the Hunterz dubbed the Zero. My clan leaders in Silent Wolf appointed me to the task of decoding the Zero.

As fate would have it, two members of the Hunterz - Zakynthos and Sephiroth - returned to the Zone on the same night I had set to unveil my first test of a refit Zero Chassis. Rumors had suggested that this mech was on an Avatar chassis, but quite frankly, I thought that platform was slow and cumbersome. I sought a workable loadout on a smaller and faster mech, and as such, I selected the Shadow Cat. Zaky and Seph confirmed that my design pieced together the legacy of the Zero. The Next Generation Weapon Zero hence made its debut.

The three of us found a passion for making mech configurations that pushed the gameplay of MW3, and on January 14, 2000, we combined our mech interests into a new fold called Zero Mech Engineering. ZME has always prided itself on being a place that rose above interclan politics. We brought together a wide mix of individuals who produced shocking variant after variant.

After nine years of maintaining this site on MSN Groups, MSN decided to pull the plug on the old service. In an effort to preserve the memories of an almost forgotten craft, I have ported all of the old documents from groups to this site. Please enjoy the legacies left by some of the greatest players of all time, and remember that some mentioned here have passed on from our world. A few games may not seem like much in the scheme of life, but they highlight happier times that deserve to be cherished. Did I mention that we're far from done?

Posted on February 20th, 2013 by Wing McCallister