Welcome to Zero Mech Engineering

Here, you will find the one of the largest repositories of MechWarrior battlemech configs on the planet. For over a decade, ZME has assembled over 1500 configurations - some of which can be downloaded and installed directly onto your system. Take a look at our wonderful history, drop into some Mech4 Mercs and hit up the 1921 Arena, or if you are new to the MWO scene, glance at some of the configs we have rolled out for the next mech era.

Zero Mech Engineering is a group of individuals who have embraced the time-honored tradition of mechmaking for the multiplayer format. We welcome people from any clan to join us on our comms to participate in the crafting of a mech -- or to hit us up for some opens. Many of us have had league success in at least one of the MechWarrior games, and we're more than willing to share our knowledge, preserve your contributions, and have a great time.

Posted on January 14th, 2000 by Wing McCallister

1637 configs are currently in the repository -- Proudly configing since January 14, 2000.

Posted on February 23th, 2013 by Wing McCallister