ZME Config Archive

Welcome to our MechLab. With games that contained computer-side config files (e.g. MW3/MW4), downloadable configs our available. The MW4 MeXPaX will automatically install the files for you. Since MWO does not have computer-side files for each config, images have been provided showing mech loadouts.

MechWarrior 3

MW3 Config Pack

MechWarrior 4

MW4 Vengeance Pack
MW4 Black Knight Pack
MW4 Mercs Point Release 1 Pack
MP1.1-2.0 ZME + DDM Standards
MP1.1-2.0 Mr.E + TK's Personal Collections
MP1.1-2.0 Wolf's 3025-3050 TRO Configs
MP1.1-2.0 BattleTech Pod Mechs
MP3.02b Wing's Collection
MP3.02b January 2009
MP3.02b Bomber's Mechs
MP3.02b June 2009
MP3.1 MeXPaX Version 1

MechWarrior 4 Supplementary Downloads

MW4 Mercs PR1
MW4 Mercs Mektek MekPak PR1-to-3.02a
MW4 Mercs Mektek Mekpak 3.02a-to-3.02b
3.02b Highdef Patch
NetMech4 Updater [3rd-Party Server Deprecated]

MechWarrior Leagues Pack 1
MechWarrior Leagues Pack 2
MechWarrior Leagues Pack 3
Adds Vengeance/Black Knight Maps

MechWarrior Online - Open Beta

1637 configs are currently in the repository.

Posted on February 23th, 2013 by Wing McCallister